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The TV Series Wreck is created and written by Ryan J. Brown and premiered last year in the UK on BBC Three.

Season One of  “Wreck” premieres exclusively on Hulu on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, and is directed by Chris Baugh (Boys from County Hell) who has directed and executive produced all six episodes.

“Wreck” is described as a tense thriller, blending comedy with slasher, set aboard The MS Sacramentum ship.

In the series, we follow a 20-year-old new recruit, Jamie, as he infiltrates the 3000-strong crew of the ship in a desperate race to find his missing sister who was previously working aboard the vessel before vanishing out of thin air. As Jamie starts her new life she discovers all the secrets a low-paying job can hold such as underpaid crew, decadent partying, and excess. When a trail of blood starts to appear, Jamie is forced to turn detective and uncover the sinister truth.”

Wreck stars Oscar Kennedy (“Ladhood”) as Jamie, Thaddea Graham (“The Irregulars”) as Vivian, Jack Rowan (“Noughts + Crosses”) as Danny, Harriet Webb (“I May Destroy You”) as Karen, Jodie Tyack (“The Window”) as Pippa, Louis Boyer as Sam, Anthony Rickman as Olly, Amber Grappy as Lauren, Diego Andres as Jerome, Peter Claffey as Cormac, Miya Ocego as Rosie, Warren James Dunning as Beaker, Ramanique Ahluwalia as Lily and Alice Nokes as Sophia.

“Wreck” is produced by Chris Martin for Euston Films, while is executive produced by Noemi Spanos for Euston Films and Tommy Bulfin for the BBC.



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