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Kristen Stewart Takes the Lead in ‘Rosebushpruning’: A Modern Adaptation of the 1965 Italian Film ‘Fists in the Pocket’




Kristen Stewart and Elle Fanning to Star in Modern Adaptation of ‘Fists in the Pocket‘.

According to Deadline, Kristen Stewart and Elle Fanning have been announced as the leading cast members in the upcoming psychological drama, “Rosebushpruning.” This film, a contemporary reinterpretation of the 1965 Italian movie “Fists in the Pocket,” will be directed by Karim Aïnouz, known for his work on “Firebrand.”

“Rosebushpruning” is described as a dark satire exploring themes of family and societal values. The story revolves around a young man with epilepsy who meticulously plans the murders of his dysfunctional family. Joining Stewart and Fanning in the cast is Josh O’Connor.

The screenplay for the remake has been penned by Efthimis Filippou, known for his work on “Dogtooth.” Aïnouz expressed his enthusiasm for revisiting the iconic work of Marco Bellocchio’s debut film, “Fists in the Pocket,” which had a significant impact on Italian cinema and storytelling in its time.

The director aims to create a contemporary parable examining the demise of the traditional patriarchal family. Aïnouz hopes that the film will be both touching and thought-provoking, exploring themes relevant to the present day.

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