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The top horror film on Hulu, according to Stephen King, is “tight, excellent, and very, very scary.”




The Jaunt Stephen King

Stephen King is one of the many fans of the current top film on Hulu. The author expressed his worry about this PG-13 thriller that has many sweating on Twitter. What movie has Uncle Stephen trembling and people addressing their fear of heights? Autumn is here, without a doubt. It continues to be the most popular film on the streamer thanks to a Starz add-on, according to FlixPatrol.

In the movie, best friends Hunter and Becky are perched on a 2,000-foot radio tower.

Scott Mann directed the film Fall. Scott Mann and Jonathan Frank were the authors. Mason Gooding, Virginia Gardner, Grace Caroline Currey, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are among the cast members.

You now have it. Uncle Stephen loves this life-or-death thriller more than anything. This is relatable material given that Autumn has dominated the charts for the past two weeks. Obviously, King is not the only person streaming this film.

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