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Sandrine Holt Joins the Cast of David Cronenberg’s “The Shrouds”




The Shrouds, David Cronenberg’s upcoming feature, will begin shooting in May. Sandrine Holt (“Fear the Walking Dead”) has reportedly joined the cast, according to Deadline.

We recently discovered that Guy Pearce (Memento), Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds), and Vincent Cassel (Irreversible, Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises) will all be appearing in the film.

According to the Deadline, Cassel will portray Karsh, a creative businessman, and sad widower who develops a cutting-edge tool to communicate with the dead inside a burial shroud. His cutting-edge, yet contentious, cemetery now has a burial tool that enables him and his customers to see the precise body of a loved one who has passed away decay in real-time.

“Several tombs in Karsh’s cemetery are damaged and virtually destroyed, including those of his wife, just as his revolutionary company is about to enter the mainstream of the global economy. The mystery of who carried out the attack and why forces him to reconsider his business, marriage, and commitment to his late wife’s memory, as well as urge him to fresh beginnings, even though he is unable to determine a clear purpose.

The wife of a billionaire, played by Sandrine Holt, calls Karsh, played by Vincent Cassel, about a peculiar project that involves her husband.

According to Deadline, “SBS International, the sales division of producer Saïd Ben Saïd (Elle), who is producing for Prospero Pictures alongside Martin Katz, is now in charge of distribution.”

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