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A New Amber Alert Is in the Works!




Amber Alert Kerry Bellessa

Read the article untill the end for an exclusive interview and details on the new film. 

We at Gore Culture specialize in horror, and I have to admit that about a month ago I was scrolling down the list of horror to watch when I encountered a title I had never seen before: Amber Alert. I researched it, and after watching the trailer I was so drawn to it that I started watching it.

In Amber Alert

When a group of friends decides to follow a car they’ve seen posted on an Amber Alert, things go very wrong.

The film was directed by Kerry Bellessa (Immanence), while it was penned by Bellessa and Joshua Oram and stars Summer Bellessa (Immanence), Chris Hill (The Dark Knigh Rises), and Jasen Wade (17 Miracles).

The film is great, it utilizes all the spaces it has to create suspense, dread, and scare as it takes place while a group of friends is traveling on the highway before encountering a car flagged as an Amber Alert. For those of you who don’t know, an Amber Alert is a message generated by a child abduction emergency alert system that informs citizens that a child abduction is taking place, providing the license plate and color of the suspected vehicle. Anyone that encounters the car needs to report it immediately to the authorities.

This is exactly what happens in the movie, but it’s only the beginning as the protagonist embarks on a journey that will bring them to test their strength and ultimately face them with an ultimate choice. Would you risk your own life to save a kid from danger? 

I liked this movie so much that I contacted director Kerry Bellessa for a quick catch-up and brief interview.

Kerry told me that he was initially skeptical about the movie until his wife, Summer Bellessa pushed him to make it. They decided to utilize the found-footage style to cut costs and focus more on the story as they wanted to make it as captivating as possible. He himself shot the movie with a camera that he already owned, he even used the fake name of Kendall Hurley to variate the credit list on IMDB. “It was a name I used to make it look like someone else shot the movie”, said director Bellessa.

Kerry continues: “After making it ,I knew a friend of mine who knew how to distribute it, and so we were lucky enough to land distribution and avoid the film festival circuit.” The movie came out in selected theatres and later landed on streaming platforms. Currently, you can check it out on Prime!

Kerry Bellessa, who had the idea of the film while traveling with his wife and witnessing an Amber Alert, shares with us the exclusive news that after releasing his latest film Immanence is putting his effort into making a new and reimagined ‘Amber Alert’ this time with a bigger budget and without utilizing the found-footage style technique. Kerry is currently searching for funding. “If I make a new version, it has to be worth it” says director Bellessa. Adding, “Otherwise I prefer to just keep the original”.

Stay tuned here on the site for more information on Amber Alert. 

As soon as we know more you’ll be the first ones to know.

Check out the Amber Alert trailer down below!

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