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This morning, Universal debuted the brand-new Final Trailer for Renfield, a comedy-horror film starring Dracula’s fly-eating henchman. Renfield is portrayed by Nicholas Hoult (The Menu), and Count Dracula is portrayed by Nicolas Cage. The movie opens in theaters on April 14; tickets are currently on sale. The final trailer has a ton of fresh Cage material. (Check it up here)

The film’s gory final trailer, which pitches the movie a little bit differently than the first one, can be seen up here for Universal’s Renfield. The last teaser for the film prominently promotes Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Dracula, in contrast to the previous video’s brief hint of the actor’s co-starring role. This is a clever approach, even though Cage is reportedly only going to play a small part in the film.

Renfield is referred described as a “comedic modern adventure story.”

“Nicholas Hoult plays Renfield, the anguished aide to history’s most egotistical employer, Dracula (Oscar® winner Nicolas Cage), in this contemporary monster story of Dracula’s devoted servant. Renfield is compelled to secure his master’s prey and carry out all of his depraved instructions. Renfield, however, is finally prepared to explore whether there is life away from The Prince of Darkness after generations of service. If only he could learn to stop being codependent.

Robert Kirkman’s original pitch for “The Walking Dead” served as the basis for Universal’s Renfield. The film was directed by Chris McKay (The Future War, The LEGO Batman Movie).

With Ben Schwartz (Sonic, The Afterparty), Adrian Martinez, and Awkwafina (The Goodbye, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), the movie also stars Awkwafina (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Focus).

Renfield’s script was written by Ryan Ridley (“Rick and Morty”).

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