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Developer Troglobytes Studios has unveiled The Kindeman Remedy, the spiritual sequel to Ravenous Devils after venturing into Sweeney Todd territory with that game. The only difference is that this time, the perfect anesthetic is being created via blatantly horrible methods, as opposed to cooking and cannibalism.

The Kindeman Remedy, a “dark and twisted story-driven psycho-horror management game,” places players in the roles of Sister Anna, a promiscuous nun with a particular taste for fresh blood, and Doctor Carl Kindeman, a disgraced doctor whose unethical practices led to his expulsion from his medical society. Kindeman accepts a job at a remote prison so that he can carry out his dubious experiments out of the public eye in an effort to rebuild his damaged reputation by developing the ideal anesthetic.

In relation to that, you can upgrade your lab and conduct your study in eight different rooms. You’ll also need to manage your resources and experiment with narcotics, drugs, and other dangerous materials to accomplish your aim. It is a lot to handle, but fortunately, Sister Anna is there to help you achieve your objectives. You can find a variety of endings and unlocks events as a result of that ultimate by playing through it more than once.

In Autumn, The Kindeman Remedy will be released on PC via Steam and for platforms.

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