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‘Tusk 2’ – Kevin Smith Confirms Today That a New Sequel is in The Work




tusk 2 confirmed

After Justin Long hinting about it, now Kevin Smith is saying that we will see a sequel for Tusk.

Do you guys remember Tusk. Is that movie in which Justin Long finds himself trapped in the house of a crazy lunatic who is trying to gruesomely transform him into a walrus.

Anyway, with Tusk 2 on the way, let’s see what Smith tells us.

“Ever since the heart attack I’ve been living on borrowed time,” says Smith. “2024 will mark the 10-year anniversary of Tusk…We could just leave it there and move on, but you know, I’ve got more story left I’d like to tell; there’s a reason we left him in the zoo at the end. I always knew as we were making the movie I was just like, ‘I’ll totally do this again.’

I thought we’d have the late great Michael Parks with us longer, but sadly he’s not, but I know we got Justin.” Smith continues, “Early on I was always like, well, eventually, they’ll take him out of that walrus skin and try to rehabilitate him. And just like Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight Returns, he’ll only ever see himself one way. Then he becomes the Howard Howe [character], Justin Long becomes the crazy guy who’s trying to turn people into something else; Chimera things, half-human and half-whatever. Last time it was walrus, this time…you’ll see.”

The movie will be called ‘Tusk’ and will be brought to theatres on the original movie’s 10th anniversary in 2024.

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