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‘Nosferatu’ – New Addition in the Cast For the Remake




Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse, The Northman) is directing a remake of the horror classic Nosferatu and  Emma Corrin (“The Crown”) will star.

“Corrin’s role has not been disclosed,” Deadline notes. Willem Dafoe, Bill Skarsgard, Nicholas Hoult, and Lily-Rose Depp will also star, with Robert Eggers planning to make Nosferatu his next movie for Focus Features. Bill Skarsgard will reportedly be playing Nosferatu/Count Orlok in the film. Deadline’s report indicates, “In the new reimagining, the pic is a gothic tale of obsession between a haunted young woman (Depp) in 19th century Germany and the ancient Transylvanian vampire (Skarsgard) who stalks her, bringing untold horror with him.”

Eggers (The Witch, The Northman) is directing and he also wrote the script. F.W. Murnau directed the original 1922 version of Nosferatu, while fellow German filmmaker Werner Herzog notably directed his own version of the classic tale back in 1979. The 1922 silent movie follows the vampire Count Orlok, who wants to buy a house in Germany and becomes enamored with the real-estate agent’s wife. It was an unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” which almost destroyed all copies. Nevertheless, Nosferatu still endures after all these years, and it looks like he’ll soon return…

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