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You heard it right! A new home invasion film is headed our way brought by Vertical Entertainment and will star Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson & Ashley Benson. A new official trailer has just been released. (Check it out up here)

Vertical Entertainment has planned to distribute the film, through VOD and cinemas, in North America starting from January 20, 2023.

In ‘Alone at Night:

Vicky (Ashley Benson), is a young woman looking for an escape after going through a tumultuous breakup. After retreating to a friend’s remote cabin in the woods, she continues hot modeling for her devoted followers on 18 & Over, an adults-only, live-streaming website. “But when the power goes out, Vicky discovers something terrifying is awaiting her in the dark — a masked killer wielding a crowbar who’s hellbent on bringing her night to a grisly end.”

“With Alone at Night, I wanted to make the kind of movie I would have snuck into as a teen. Slasher, stoner, a sexy thriller with killer music,” said director Jimmy Giannopoulos. “Playing on the nostalgia of my favorite B-horror we truly made a terrifyingly fun film. Though the themes of isolation and obsession are as old as time, culture always breeds new ways for them to manifest. You can isolate but you can’t hide.”

In the cast, we find Pamela Anderson (Baywatch), Luis Guzmán (Traffic), model Winnie Harlow, musician G-Eazy, rapper A$AP Nast, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Pelas (Extraction), John Robinson (Lords of Dogtown), Cassius Corrigan (Huracán), and Sky Ferreira (Baby Driver).

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