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Screen Rant has shared the exciting trailer for Lionsgate’s upcoming horror film, ‘Devilreaux,’ featuring the talented Tony Todd. Known for his notable roles in horror movies, Todd once again delivers a captivating performance in this thrilling production.

Scheduled for release on June 9, ‘Devilreaux’ will be available in theaters, On Demand, and Digital platforms. The DVD release is set for July 18, allowing fans to experience the chilling tale in various formats. To get a glimpse of the malevolent monster in action, check out the official trailer up here on the page.

In ‘Devilreaux,’ Tony Todd leads the cast in a story that takes place in the 1800s. The film centers around a series of murders seeking vengeance through forbidden voodoo, inadvertently awakened by a group of teenagers. With this intriguing premise, audiences can expect a mix of horror, suspense, and supernatural elements.

The movie is written and directed by Thomas J. Churchill, showcasing his talent for crafting compelling horror narratives. Joining Tony Todd in the cast are Vincent M. Ward, Jon Briddell, Meghan Carrasquillo, and Jackie Quinones, who contribute their skills to bring this chilling story to life.

Moreover, fans of Tony Todd will also have another project to look forward to. He will be starring in ‘Werewolf Game,’ a film currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, promising even more thrills and excitement.

With Tony Todd’s powerful presence and the intriguing storyline of ‘Devilreaux,’ horror enthusiasts are in for a treat when this film hits screens shortly.

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