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‘The Ancestral,’ a Vietnamese box Office Success From SCREAMBOX, Has Scary Twists and Turns.




The Ancestral, the terrifying new horror movie from acclaimed director Le-Van Kiet, has been acquired by Cinedigm and Bloody Disgusting for the entire North American market.

In Vietnam, The Ancestral had a theatrical release the previous year. It was the visionary filmmaker Kiet’s second straight hit as it retained the top spot for two straight weekends. As his film Furie became Vietnam’s highest-grossing movie of all time and was later chosen as the nation’s entry for the Academy Awards for Best International Feature, his daring aesthetic initially drew the attention of the world.

In The Ancestral

“A widower relocates his two kids to a centuries-old family home following a tragedy in the family. When both daughters have sleep paralysis and night terrors, their father consults a nearby psychotherapist for assistance. Eventually, these unsettling revelations and terrifying visions demonstrate that not everything in the ancient family home is as it seems.

Along with Vo Nguyen Dan, Kiet also contributes to The Ancestral. Lam Thanh My (Hollow), Quang Tuan (Glorious Ashes), and Mai Cát Vi feature in the movie (The Third Wife).

Kiet, Nguyen Le Lan Anh, and Dan Trong Tran all contributed to the production of the movie; Tran also served as Executive Producer.

Brandon Hill, Cinedigm’s Director of Acquisitions, negotiated the agreement on their behalf.

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