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In Sarah Snook‘s (“Succession”) upcoming psychological horror film Run Rabbit Run on Netflix, the kids are not safe.

The Australian horror film’s new trailer, which gives a glimpse at the psychological breakdown of a mother and her daughter, appeared on the streaming site. The video is up here!

Snook portrays a reproductive doctor in Run Rabbit Run who passionately believes in life and death but who is forced to question her own beliefs after observing her little daughter’s odd behavior and facing a ghost from her past.

The movie, which was written by Hannah Kent (The Good People, Devotion), was directed by Daina Reid (“Shining Girls,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “The Outsider”). Lily LaTorre and Damon Herriman (House of Wax, The Nightingale, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) are also featured in Run Rabbit Run.

Before starring in HBO’s popular hit “Succession,” which will make its final bow later this month, star Sarah Snook made appearances in a number of scary movies, including Jessabelle, directed by Saw VI director Kevin Grueter, Predestination, and Winchester.

Review of Run Rabbit Run by our own Trace Thurman, fresh from Sundance. He compared it to the Australian horror film The Babadook and mentioned Snook’s acting as a standout in his assessment. The movie has a strong performance from Snook, who does the best she can with some admittedly weak material, according to Thurman. Parents may be more sympathetic to Sarah’s situation than others, but when Mia misbehaves, most people will find Sarah’s decisions to be frustrating.

Sarah Shaw and Anna McLeish (Relic, Partisan, Snowtown) are the producers. The EPs include Deanne Weir, Olivia Humphrey, Jack Christian, D.J. McPherson, Daina Reid, Sarah Snook, Jake Carter, and Katie Anderson from XYZ Films, as well as Nate Bolotin, Maxime Cottray, Nick Spicer, and Aram Tertzakian.

On June 28, 2023, Run Rabbit Run makes its Netflix debut.

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