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Parker Posey, Star of “Scream 3,” Is Eager to Rejoin the Franchise




We never anticipated seeing characters from the Scream series return, such as Kirby Reed and Billy Loomis, but Scream 2022 and Scream VI have shown that nothing is ever off the table for this specific slasher story. Billy made appearances in both movies through dreams his daughter had, while Scream VI really brought Kirby back to life.

So who comes next? Well, Drew Barrymore recently made light of the possibility that Casey Becker might still be alive today (not a chance, we say), and now Parker Posey is making a similar remark regarding her Scream 3 role. Posey made a lasting impression in Craven’s third film as Jennifer Jolie, the actress who played Gale Weathers in the Stab films.

Posey isn’t allowing the death of Jennifer Jolie in Scream 3 to derail her plans to return to the franchise. Posey even pitched her comeback to the moviemaker’s Radio Silence!

This week, she told, “Well, I did an interview for WNYC Radio about the play I was performing, like three weeks ago. Well, there are some individuals here who want to say hello, they responded. And the ‘Scream’ team was there. I even asked whether I could simply travel to another dimension and then return. And keep doing…’ So, I hope. I’d adore to carry that out.

Posey adds, “That was extremely enjoyable. I loved Craven and the original series.

Is there another actor that would love to return to the Scream series? Matthew Lillard, accepts the idea that Stu Macher from the original classic was able to recover from his wounds.

Never say never!

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