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The Tank, a brand-new creature feature from director Scott Walker of New Zealand, will debut in a few cinemas on April 21 before being made available online on April 25.

The Tank is a story about a young family who unleashes a swarm of animals in the 1970s. The creature effects were made by the Academy Award-winning special effects supervisor and creative director Richard Taylor and his crew at Peter Jackson’s VFX studio Weta Workshop!

The conflict between masculine and feminine principles is one of the themes that the movie explores. As a result, Regina Hegemann was cast in the role of The Creature.

“Not only has she got the flexibility and the performance, but she has the no-fear attitude needed to play this role,” director Scott Walker tells us. “I really wanted every element of the film to feel like it really happened so everything needed to be grounded in some kind of science or species or something that could make logical sense.”

Additionally, no CGI or computer creature replacements were used in the development of the creatures. Walker explains that “the creature does everything either as a puppet or as a person.” I choose to remain in this more realistic world and work there, which has been great.

Watch the INSIDER video for an EXCLUSIVE sneak glimpse at Weta’s newest creature design!

In the planned creature film, “Ben and his family unintentionally free an ancient, long-dormant creature that terrorized the entire region—including his own ancestors—for generations” after inexplicably inheriting an abandoned coastal property.

The cast also includes Holly Shervey, Jack Barry, Regina Hegemann, Matt Whelan, Zara Nausbaum, and Luciane Buchanan. The Tank was written and directed by Scott Walker.

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