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Mark Cantu Brings Us New Horror ‘Wolf Hollow’




Wolf Hollow

Mark Cantu, an award-winning writer/director based out of Pittsburgh just showed us his new film titled ‘Wolf Hollow’ which is currently completed.

In ‘Wolf Hollow

Alex Romero (Christina Krakowski) is a neophyte indie film producer leading her team on a location scout in Rural Pennsylvania. The location belongs to the family of her new assistant Ray Neuri (Noah Welter). However, upon arriving in Wolf Hollow, it becomes clear that the cast and crew have stumbled into a nest full of werewolves, led by Ray’s older brother, Bart Neuri (Brian Ceponis).
With the clock ticking and lives being lost, Alex must decide to allow the wolves at their door to slaughter them all or to defend her production team’s lives—no matter the cost.”

Mark Cantu and Brian Ceponis penned the script while in the cast we find Felissa Rose, Hannah Fierman, and Lynn Lowry.

Wolf Hollow Official Poster

Wolf Hollow Official Poster

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