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‘Locked In’ New Psychological Thriller With Famke Janssen




In production in London and the UK, Netflix’s psychological thriller ‘Locked In’ will star Famke Janssen (The Faculty) and Rose Williams (The Power).

The film which marks the directorial debut of Nour Wazzi (The Last Bus) will also star Alex Hassell (Violent Night), Finn Cole (Animal Kingdom), Anna Friel (Monarch) and Rowan Joffé (28 Weeks Later, Before I Go to Sleep) wrote the script.

In ‘Locked In’

“Unhappy newlywed Lina (Williams) goes against her brittle, damaged mother-in-law, Katherine (Janssen). An affair sets Lina on a journey of secrecy, betrayal, and murder — and a plot to seemingly destroy her. But who is the real victim, and who can she truly trust?” 

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