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According to Deadline, well-known content producer Markiplier will both direct and star in the upcoming movie adaptation of the independent horror game Iron Lung.

The movie’s script, which was also written by Markiplier is currently in development.

In that article, Luiz H.C. gushed, “Submarines are unquestionably terrifying because they are inherently claustrophobic and have only a few inches of metal separating you from a watery demise. Of course, leave it to Dave Szymanski to make the underwater adventure even more terrifying by making users rely on dated technology.

Added he. “The best thing about this terrifying experience is that it ends with a bang just before the navigational gimmicks have a chance to outstay their welcome. The adorable retro graphics and Doom 64-inspired soundtrack are also a huge plus. That is craftsmanship, indeed.

The adaptation’s other lead actress is Caroline Rose Kaplan (The Plot Against America).

Mark Fischbach is Markiplier’s true name.

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