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‘Godforsaken’ is available on Terror Films YouTube channel




Terror Films‘ ‘Godforsaken‘ asks the question, are all miracles heaven-sent? Find out on Terror Films YouTube channel for free if the town of Minto is experiencing a miracle from above or below. Godforsaken will be available on VOD on April 8th

In the film:

An indie filmmaker visits his hometown to attend a childhood friend’s funeral. When she seemingly rises from the dead during her wake with mysterious abilities, he and a group of friends begin to investigate and record the town’s experience as they try to get to the truth. Some claim she is God; some claim she is pure evil. They soon learn that not all miracles are holy.

Ali Akbar and Akbar Kamal directed Chad Tailor, Mélie B Rondeau, Katie Fleming, Chris Kelly, Domenic Derose, Nicole Fairbairn, JoAnn Bundock, and Flora Burke

Check out an image and trailer down below!


Before Stacy was even in school, her father raised her on Horror movies. Ever since then, they have been her go-to films of choice. Along with watching Horror every day, she has her own entertainment news site and covers the horrors of Hollywood.

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