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Gina Gershon Will Join Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving” Slasher Film




Gina Gershon (“Chucky”) has joined the cast of Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving, a feature-length adaptation of the horror movie, according to a recent report from Deadline.

The cast will also include Tim Dillon and Rick Hoffman (Hostel).

TriStar Films and Spyglass Media Group will release the motion picture in theaters across the world (Scream). This month’s shooting is anticipated to start.

In the feature-length slasher, Addison Rae will star with Patrick Dempsey, Jalen Thomas Brooks (as “Walker”), Milo Manheim (as “Zombies”), and Nell Verlaque (as “Big Shot”).

The script was written by Roth and Jeff Rendell.

Producing is done by Eli Roth and Roger Birnbaum.

According to Deadline, “The Thanksgiving trailer featured the bloody teaser about a mockumentary in which a slasher creates his own carving board out of the residents of a Massachusetts hamlet that makes a great deal out of the annual turkey day. One of the key sequences featured Roth himself, cut off from his head while having a passionate moment with a woman in a convertible. Since the original Grindhouse released 15 years ago, preparations have been made to film a full-length blood feast with Roth at the helm, but you could be excused for thinking that Thanksgiving would never arrive.

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