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On Friday, April 14, 2023, Dead Hot, an unscripted feature film, will debut exclusively on the free service Tubi. It stars Vanessa Hudgens on a journey to Salem, Massachusetts.

The documentary has been compared to “The Simple Life meets The Craft.”

The search for a deeper understanding of the supernatural by Vanessa Hudgens and her friend GG Magree, who are assisted by a group of respected local witchcraft authorities, leads to a number of unexpected personal revelations, such as a deeper understanding of one’s self, newfound self-love, empowerment, and sisterhood.

According to the Tubi preview, “Dead Hot is set to enchant audiences of all ages, from novice to expert witches alike, at a time when witchcraft is seeing a major comeback (#WitchTok collecting over 40 BILLION views to date). It’s a must-watch!”

The movie is described as both a “coming-of-age drama that examines identity, feminine strength, and sisterhood” and an “intimate trip into the otherworldly realm.”

The production company behind Dead Hot: Season of the Witch is Bunim-Murray.

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