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For St. Patrick’s Day, SYFY is Airing a Marathon of the “Leprechaun” Series




The Leprechaun flicks are usually a staple of SYFY’s St. Patrick’s Day programming, and we’re delighted to announce that this year is no different. During St. Patrick’s Day in 2023, SYFY will once more air an all-day Leprechaun Franchise Marathon on March 17, 2023!

The positive news? All 8 movies, including Leprechaun Returns from 2018, are being screened all day long. What is the unfortunate news? As usual, the movies are playing entirely out of sequence.

Below is the marathon’s complete schedule for this year.

Friday, March 17

12:02am – Leprechaun Origins

2am – Leprechaun 2
4am – Leprechaun 3
6am – Leprechaun Returns
8:02am – Leprechaun Origins
10am – Leprechaun 6: Back 2 Tha Hood
12pm – Leprechaun 5: in the Hood
2pm – Leprechaun 4: In Space
4pm – Leprechaun 3
6pm – Leprechaun 2
8pm – Leprechaun
10pm – Leprechaun


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