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70 – New Novel By Lance W. Reedinger





Robert Robinson is a good man. Robert Robinson has lived a good life. At age 70, that life has been turned upside down. Following the death of his beloved wife, Robert begins sinking into the depths of depression. An old friend offers Robert a new gift. The gift of immortality. This great gift comes with a great price. The modern world and its depravity of human condition send the new immortal into a sinister spiral. Sucked into this new underworld, Robert must fight or accept his new carnal desires, while he contemplates if it is still wise to be a good man, in such an evil world.

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Born in the cold afternoon of December, Francesco's passion for the horror genre is born with him. Horror aficionado since young age Francesco's passion bring him to consume many horror movies and books. After many hours of movies watched, Francesco's idea to bring horror fans one step closer is finally reality.

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