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Gore Culture is your preferred source for all horror, thriller, and sci-fi news with trending articles on pop culture’s latest trends and film reviews, editorials, and stories. Your one-stop-shop for horror.

Gore Culture is also a production hub that focuses on the creation, from inception to post-production of low-budget indie horror films that have the peculiarity of having great story ideas and high production values making them perfect for audiences.

Produced Films

Project Paranoia

Gore Culture’s Founder

Francesco Monti

Horror Filmmaker Francesco Monti

Horror Filmmaker Francesco Monti

Italian-born, Horror Filmmaker Francesco Monti is the founder of Gore Culture, established in May 2022 and headquartered in Atlanta (USA), and editor-in-chief of the publication. Since 2018 Francesco created more than 15 pieces of content; from short films to proof of concepts and full features films. Some of his work was submitted to festivals internationally and his long-feature debut film ‘Project Paranoia’ was acquired by a U.S based distribution company.

Francesco’s social profiles: Instagram, Linkedin 


Business Partner

Gerardo Biscaglia

Gerardo Biscaglia is an Italian horror critic and co-founder with Francesco Monti of the Italian horror leading website for film news and reviews Horror Stab. Gerardo aided in the creation of Gore Culture and serves as a business partner and mentor.

Gerardo’s social profiles: Facebook, Instagram 



Meosha Bean

Meosha Bean

Meosha Bean

Meosha Bean is an award-winning actress and filmmaker voted best upcoming director at the New Jersey Film Festival 2012, winner of best thriller 6th floor at Global Awards Los Angeles 2017, winner of best action film and best fight choreography at Oniros Film Awards, and winner of best action film 2020 at Istanbul Film Awards. After starring in films like Jordan Peel’s Horror Noire, she joins Gore Culture where she serves as principal editor for the publication.

Meosha’s social profiles: Instagram, Facebook